Belinda Mawhinney Consultancy

Belinda Mawhinney Consultancy

I work with leaders, teams and whole organisations to improve workplace culture. I believe that a positive workplace culture thrives with quality relationships built on trust and respect.

I deliver services that meet the unique needs of each client through:

💥 leadership coaching

💡 workshop design and facilitation

💻 project management (for example: policy development)

My approach is based on the value of forming and investing in relationships with clients to ensure our collaboration is meaningful and productive.

My background as a Social Worker equips me with the skills and knowledge to work with my clients with a relationship-focused approach.


  • Social Worker (Bachelor Social Work, University of Sydney),
  • Master graduate (Master of Health Management, University of NSW) and
  • Doctor of Philosophy (University of Sydney). Thesis “Safeguarding children at risk of maltreatment: Role of the Australian child and family health nurse”.
  • Winston Churchill Fellow

I have a keen interest in enhancing the capacity of people, either as individuals or within a system (such as a team, business or organisation).

What is a consultancy service?

I provide an exceptional service to leaders and business owners who feel stuck, overwhelmed, or uncertain about how to take next steps in their work.

I work as a freelance consultant partnering with leaders and business owners to work towards a specific purpose and outcome. This could be improved workplace culture, development of leadership skills or establishing organisational values. The purpose and outcomes are based on their needs at the time.
I prefer the term consultant, rather than coach, as coaching is one of the ways I work but it is not the only aspect of my consultancy service.

Who do you work with?

I started Belinda Mawhinney Consultancy in 2017 and have worked with the following range of clients:

  • Human Services sector (including government and non-government organisations)
  •  Not for profit organisations
  • Corporate organisations
  • Leaders from a diverse range of sectors (including agribusiness, legal firms, private health, insurance, veterinary, education)
  • Small business owners (including sole traders)
  • Family owned and operated businesses

What types of consultancy services do you offer?

Here are some examples of my best work with clients:

  • Provided 1:1 leadership coaching
  • Designed, delivered, and evaluated leadership programs
  • Worked with small business owners (sole traders) to redesign their business to align with their values and purpose
  • Facilitated professional development sessions for teams
  • Created policies and procedures that align with core business, values and brand guidelines

What type of consultant are you?

I am adaptable, intuitive, direct, caring, and supportive professional.

I draw on my experiences of being a Social Worker, manager, strategic leader, and researcher and roll this up into my consultancy practice. I have a broad range of skills and knowledge.

​I offer more than coaching, but coaching is definitely one aspect of the services I provide. Other services include strategic planning, systemic improvements, counselling and group work facilitation.

Do you work with clients online or in person?

Both! Some clients prefer working in person, in which case I will offer to provide an in person service. Alternatively, we can arrange to meet on your preferred platform.



38 Main Street, Grenfell, NSW | 0408 081 525

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