She Makes News Podcast

She Makes News is a weekly news podcast for women in rural and regional Australia. We bring you a wrap up of the latest stories and local events that matter to you.

Join us each Friday as we dive into our curated headlines, have thought-provoking discussions, and bring you exclusive interviews with rural business women, community leaders and experts.

She Makes News goes beyond traditional news reporting, embracing a storytelling approach that connects listeners to the lives of these incredible women, their dreams, and their contributions.

Through interviews, discussions, and thought-provoking segments, the show sparks meaningful conversations and encourages listeners to engage with the rich diversity of experiences and perspectives found in regional and rural Australia.

She Makes News covers a wide range of topics such as entrepreneurship, community initiatives, environmental advocacy, arts and culture, healthcare, and more.

By amplifying the voices and experiences of these extraordinary women, the show aims to shine a light on the unique issues and triumphs faced by those in regional and rural Australia.

Tune in every week with host Kimberley Furness to stay informed, empowered and connected with She Makes News. 

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