Duly Served Legal & Consulting

Duly Served Legal & Consulting

Duly Served Legal & Consulting serve regional businesses, farmers, foodies and people just doing amazing things - from raising Herefords, rescuing racehorse, making wine, flying balloons, writing books and creating luxurious body products. We help tree-changers with big dreams, and farmers keep the farm in family hands.

Duly Served Legal & Consulting founder Deborah Culhane is passionate about serving and strengthening regional communities.

With offices in Wodonga and Corryong and regular visits to Gippsland, Southern NSW and Tasmania, Duly Served Legal & Consulting serves North East Victoria, the Upper Murray High Country and beyond.

Deborah’s extensive legal experience in the hospitality and tourism industry has given her a deep understanding of the issues her clients face and how to help them scale their businesses both bravely and wisely. She also has a wealth of knowledge about the inner workings of agricultural businesses and a range of other regional industries.

"I had a past life in hospitality so in wearing that apron, "Duly Served" to me means to serve beautifully," says Deborah.

"It's the difference between someone “bringing” you a plate of food that duly matches your order as described on the menu, and “serving” you a gourmet meal beautifully presented at a table precisely set with care and polished cutlery."

“Duly” is the deed, “Served” is the experience.

In the words of Seth Godin, "we do work that matters for people who care".



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