Karen Mott is the founder of GuardnGrow in Murrawee, VIC. GuardnGrow are all about promoting healthy growth. We love our garden, it is our special place to relax and unwind, but the Aussie climate can be harsh.

We spend so much time mulching our new plants and trees to help them get off to the best start only to have mother nature undo all of our hard work. We knew that there had to be a better option to guard our trees and plants against the ongoing issue of weeds, harsh weather conditions, wind, dust, extreme heat, winter frosts and low rainfall. Our search led us to the GuardnGrow weed/mulch mat, a simple and effective way to get the best from our plants.

Specialising in high-quality coir fibre mats and pots, perfect for conserving moisture, suppressing weeds, preventing soil erosion, and protecting the environment. Our coir fibre mats and pots, made from coconut waste, offer a natural and biodegradable alternative to plastic. The coir fibre pots are excellent for starting seeds and promoting healthy plant growth.



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