Regenerative Psychology

Regenerative Psychology

Mental health impacts everyone, yet those residing in regional and rural Australia often find themselves overlooked in the quest for adequate support.

Established in 2021, Regenerative Psychology is on a mission to empower individuals to cultivate a fulfilling life through responsive, compassionate, and individually tailored evidence-based psychological services.

I'm Lauren Barrett, the director and principal psychologist at Regenerative Psychology. Our roots in Holbrook, where I made my home in 2020, have flourished into a national service, expanding to address diverse needs. With over a decade psychology career, and degrees in both psychology and business, I've honed my expertise with extensive training in mental health services tailored for varied presentations.

At Regenerative Psychology, we extend our psychological services nationally through telehealth, specifically catering to individuals residing in regional, rural, and remote Australia. Our comprehensive services encompass:

  • Individual therapy
  • Online personal development courses
  • Employee Assistance Programs tailored for regional and rural employers, offering:
- EAP counselling
- Preventative wellness coaching
- Wellness programs
- Training and workshops
- Executive coaching


What sets Regenerative Psychology apart?

  • Lived experience: Our team brings authentic lived experiences from regional and rural Australia with many of us having lived on farms or in rural areas. 
  • Down-to-earth approach: We meet you where you are, ensuring a relatable and approachable connection. 
  • Understanding unique challenges: Recognising the distinctive challenges of those outside major cities, from small-town dynamics to accessing equitable services. 
  • Tackling mental health stigma: Committed to dismantling mental health stigma, as no one should endure struggles in silence. 
  • Business wellbeing solutions: Offering services through EAP programs enables small to medium businesses in regional areas to provide quality well-being programs. 

At Regenerative Psychology, we are dedicated to fostering opportunities for wellness and regeneration. Join us on the path to a life worth living. 



PO Box 82, Holbrook, NSW 2644

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