A digital adventure with Leanne O'Sullivan

A digital adventure with Leanne O'Sullivan



This is a pen and paper episode! We have digital sherpa Leanne O'Sullivan, who will be your tour guide to the wonderful world of online marketing in this special episode.

From her home in Dubbo, NSW, the CEO of Adventure Digital shares how she got started in business 25 years ago, and her motivation to provide flexibility and support to other entrepreneurs.

Leanne has worked with many industries of all sizes and in all sectors, with people of all ages and abilities. She has delivered countless webinars, spoken at numerous events, delivered many workshops, trained, mentored, educated and entertained hundreds of small business owners just like you.

In this episode, Leanne talks about the key elements in building a successful online presence including foundational elements such as messaging, content and web presence.

We have a thought-provoking discussion about the role of AI in the online space and the importance of personal branding.

Leanne also opens up about a challenging period in her career when she felt overwhelmed and disconnected, as well as her passion for travel and its positive impact on personal growth and business.

You can read our feature story on Leanne in OAK Magazine Issue 13.


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