Bendigo Business Stories - Business longevity with Oliver Birch Bendigo

Bendigo Business Stories - Business longevity with Oliver Birch Bendigo

Bendigo Business Stories is a Be.Bendigo podcast. Season 1 was produced and hosted by OAK Magazine.  

For the first time on Bendigo Business Stories podcast, join our host Kimberley Furness from OAK Magazine for an honest and open conversation with not one but two guests - Deb and Tony McAliece from Oliver Birch.

In this episode, Deb and Tony delve into their career journeys, and business stories with Cafe au Lait, the start of the Gallery Cafe and the creation of Oliver Birch in Bendigo and Melbourne.

Prepare to be inspired by their leadership style, their ability to make their employees and customers feel special and their view on supporting local businesses. This episode offers invaluable business insights and the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people.


Kimberley Furness is the national award winning publisher of OAK Magazine, a proudly independent media publisher dedicated to sharing stories and amplifying voices of female change makers and women in business in regional and rural Australia. Kimberley is a long time content creator for print and digital, a social media trainer for rural business owners and the host of chart topping podcast A Friend of Mine


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