Bendigo Business Stories Podcast - The gendered nature of natural disasters with Alison Jones

Bendigo Business Stories Podcast - The gendered nature of natural disasters with Alison Jones

Bendigo Business Stories is a Be.Bendigo podcast. Season 1 was produced and hosted by OAK Magazine. 

Alison Jones has dedicated herself to making a meaningful impact in the Greater Bendigo region.

Alison joined the Women’s Health Loddon Mallee (WHLM) team as the mental health lead, where her dedication has shone brightly. Over the past year, she's been at the forefront of delivering the WHLM flood recovery program and contributing to vital mental health and wellbeing initiatives throughout the region.

Alison's influence doesn't stop there. Beyond her role with WHLM, she wears another important hat as the creative director of the Castlemaine Fringe Festival. This role opens doors to connect with our community in truly meaningful ways.

Alison knows the value of self-care. She approaches life with a relaxed perspective, making ample time for things that bring joy - from walks in the bush to swims in nature. Plus, there's plenty of fun involved especially when she's playing ball with her trusty companion, Billie the dog.

In this conversation with Alison and host Kimberley Furness, we delve into the gendered impact of disaster on regional and rural women, social isolation and loneliness, and the increase (33% from 2011 to 2016) of older women experiencing homelessness.


Kimberley Furness is the national award winning publisher of OAK Magazine, a proudly independent media publisher dedicated to sharing stories and amplifying voices of female change makers and women in business in regional and rural Australia. Kimberley is a long time content creator for print and digital, a social media trainer for rural business owners and the host of chart topping podcast A Friend of Mine.


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