Building a community through print with Kimberley Furness

Building a community through print with Kimberley Furness

Kimberley Furness has always known words are her thing. What she didn't know was the pathway she would follow to become a creator and editor of her own magazine.

While starting a print magazine might seem like too daunting of an adventure to attempt, Kimberley launched OAK Magazine in just six weeks, and now three years later represents an exciting new chapter for regional media in this country.

Kimberley is passionate about women in business, especially in rural and regional Australia, and she loves hearing and sharing their stories. Her mantra of connection, collaboration and community is testament to this.

As a mother of four, life is busy but Kimberley has learnt that making time for her passions means she is a happier person all round. Little did she know this is making her a role model for the next generation who are learning from her actions that women are strong, resilient and creative.

Kimberley shares with us her business journey from journalist to beauty therapist to business owner, overcoming barriers in the workplace, the joy that comes from finding your community and so much more.

[Thank you to this episode's guest host Mardi Holland, a friend in every sense of the word.]

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