Building resilience after great loss with Linda Goldspink-Lord

Building resilience after great loss with Linda Goldspink-Lord


Welcome to a special episode in celebration of International Women’s Day. This episode is proudly sponsored by Sarah Henney from HenneyCFO.

After years as a CEO in the not-for-profit sector, Linda Goldspink-Lord quit the safety net of her job when her health took a turn for the worse.

In 2012, Linda experienced every parent's worst nightmare when her daughter Molly was killed in a tragic accident on their property in the Illawarra.

Having also recently lost her mother, and suffered major health problems of her own, Linda had to find a way out of the darkness, back to the light.  

Trying to recover from grief, Linda explored how her health was having an impact on her mental wellbeing. She looked into links between the gut and the brain, and made some big lifestyle changes.

When her horses were struggling with their overall health, Linda looked into gut health for horses and so Poseidon Equine was born - scientifically formulated gut health supplements for horses. 

After that came Poseidon Canine - gut health support for dogs. And then Saint + Sinner alcoholic kombucha.

Linda shares with us her story of building resilience after great loss, and why she'd never go back to the 9 to 5. And how she's built a business with purpose, and in partnership with her family. So many great tips and insight into running a business.

Meet my friend Linda; business woman, author, speaker and incredible storyteller.

Read Linda's book Crawling Through The Darkness.


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Hosted by Kimberley Furness, Founder + Editor, OAK Magazine.

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