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Meet best friends in business, Celeste Robertson and Sarah Scott who describe their partnership as a “once in a lifetime bond”.

The dynamic duo from Geelong own Natural Supply Co which stocks the best curated range of natural, organic and zero waste products.

In the past six years, they’ve found success in running their business purely online. Yet in the midst of a global pandemic, they decided to open a physical store in Rutland Street in Newtown, an inner western suburb of Geelong.

Celeste and Sarah share with us their business journey, the secret to their working partnership, their genuine approach to engaging local influencers, the importance of SEO, the positive impact of COVID on their business and why Geelong is such a special place to own a small business.

Also mentioned in this episode… Kate Toon, 6Ft6, Emma Hawkins, Geelong Cats and GT Magazine.

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