Editor's Letter Issue 13

Editor's Letter Issue 13

I remember a time when I'd pass OAK off as 'just a magazine'. Six years and 13 incredible issues later, that statement has evolved into a profound realisation - 'we are more than just a magazine'.

OAK is constantly evolving. We are now a community ecosystem of print, digital, audio and events; an independent media platform where you have in-depth chats and courageous conversations.

The front cover of this issue is testament. You'll notice a shift in our tagline from ‘Regional Women in Business’ to ‘Your Story. Our Inspiration’.

Our front cover is not a business story. Not even close. Instead, it's providing a supportive platform for a young woman to share her story for the first time, and celebrate how far she has come. It is a story of hope when often eating disorders are kept secretive or retold as horror stories.

Kudos to writer Lesley Apps. I know it was a hard lesson in writing.

Lesley and I have spent so much time on the content; reviewing and referring back to Em, her mum Georgie, and psychiatrist Dr Buckett, whilst reminding ourselves of reporting guidelines. It's difficult to sensitively and accurately portray the illness. You need to be mindful that you're not glamourising it with words or images.

Within 10 minutes of unveiling the front cover on Instagram, I received a DM from a rural mum expressing heartfelt gratitude. She thanked me for sharing a story that resonated with her personally.

She also reached out to Georgie. These two mums are now connected, and for the first time they can talk to another parent about what they are experiencing.

When I started my first business 10 years ago, building a six figure business was a marker of success. I don’t turn over a six figure profit but OAK is a success; it serves a purpose and has a positive impact beyond my personal profit.

The front cover story is a gentle stretch from what you may be expecting from OAK. Or maybe not? I invite you to reach out to me, and share your thoughts [hello@oakmagazine.com.au].

Em, thank you for trusting OAK. You impacted people before we even hit print.

Kimberley Furness

P.S. You may notice some subtle style changes. That’s Kylie Norton, our new art director. I met Kylie at a workshop in Mildura a few years ago where we bonded over our love for print. Kylie worked on our More Than Love magazine in 2021.

A big thank you to Louise Davis for working on the design and layout of OAK for the past 10 issues. It’s been an incredible journey. Enjoy this time with your young family - they are only little once.


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