Emma Williams from Socially Em

Emma Williams from Socially Em

From her home in Western Australia, Emma Williams founded Maxx Marketing (formerly SociallyEm) at age 28. It is now a multi-million dollar empire powered by a team of more than 30 staff - 40% of whom are based in her home state of WA.

It hasn’t all been a smooth run to success. Prior Maxx Marketing, Emma lost her first business – along with a treasured friendship. Despite being $80,000 in debt and with no formal qualifications, SociallyEm was launched in 2018 with zero capital. Just one woman with drive, a solid work ethic, optimism and a passion to help others in a similar situation.

In four short years of business, Emma has launched Australia’s first Instagram networking event - with more than 5000 women attending 11 sold out national shows; built a signature sellout course that’s empowered more than 5000 women to successfully run their own businesses; created a seasonal online gift guide which to date has generated over $8 million in revenue for small businesses; sold out exclusive mindset retreats in Australia and Bali; won three gold industry awards and many more business achievements.

And that $80K debt. It’s paid off and her business now generates more than a $1million revenue each year - even during the pandemic.

Behind the scenes, Emma was dealing with emotional and physical demons as well as battling stage 4 endometriosis, something that consumed her every day with pain. The mum of three was scheduled for a hysterectomy at the age of 28 and it was during the pre-op tests that she was also diagnosed with cervical cancer.

One episode with Emma - my new best friend - is not enough but we have dug into a few areas of business and life.

Emma shares with us her business journey, her relationship with money and how it impacts her business decisions, she lifts the cover on what it costs to run her national events, provides insights into hiring staff, the importance of staying in your own lane and, of course, a couple of juicy social media tips.

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