Farewell Cosmopolitan Magazine

Farewell Cosmopolitan Magazine

Sadly Cosmopolitan Australia has published its final edition after 45 years.

That means, Autumn 2004 featuring our founder + editor Kimberley Furness wearing pink cord and tweed has become a collector’s item!

Seriously, the iconic women’s magazine holds a special place in my heart.

I had the amazing opportunity to intern at Cosmo in 2003. I will never forget that feeling of being a country mouse in the big city – I was so out of place. I mean sharing an elevator with James Packer certainly doesn’t happen every day in Bendigo!

When I returned home I made a very big career decision to leave my job as a reporter and sub-editor at a local newspaper and become a beauty therapist – shock horror not a model.

The big picture was to one day become a beauty editor for a magazine… I’ve sort of done that in a very long, roundabout way!

As the founder and editor of OAK, it’s devastating to see another big publisher close its doors but I truly believe print is not dead.

In fact, niche magazines – like OAK – are thriving by offering thoughtful and carefully curated content that is less about celebrity–driven gossip and more about inspiring and empowering women.

Cheers to the memories. #oneforthescrapbook

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