From kitchen to Costco for gourmet marshmallow business

From kitchen to Costco for gourmet marshmallow business

From a home kitchen in the Adelaide Hills to the selves of Costco stores across Australia, May Pike has found the ingredient for sweet success with proof that if you manifest it, dreams can come true. 

Cloud Theory are delicious and innovative marshmallows. May discovered a passion for the fluffy treats when she made her first batch of marshmallows using fresh raspberry puree for her son’s first birthday, six years ago.

From there, May would set up stalls at local farmer’s markets until she
decided to dive head first and pursue Cloud Theory full time in March 2020, just before lockdown with big plans to rely on retail and no intention of having an online business, little did she know.

May quit her job in property development and shifted her marshmallow business out of her personal home kitchen to commercial premises, where she was instantly geared up to sell the squishy treats online, giving her instant reach to a customer base well beyond revellers at the local Adelaide markets.

Recognising the opportunity to offer something unique in the world of
marshmallows, she began experimenting with new ingredients and flavours. Her creations included combinations like lemon meringue, cherry delight and peanut butter chocolate. The result was a refined and elegant marshmallow experience that captivated the senses and delighted taste buds.

Her popularity surged online, owing to the captivating aesthetic of her products, making them perfect content for Instagram and TikTok. Soon after, she caught the eye of Adelaide's top retail stores, earning coveted spots on their shelves.

The growing demand for May's delectable treats led to a significant business partnership and investment, granting access to a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen. This invaluable resource allowed her to scale up production and showcase and sell her products in Costco, marking a significant milestone in her journey to success.

As the eldest daughter of Cambodian refugees, May was witness to her parents' resilience and determination. Fleeing the horrors of the Khmer Rouge genocide, they embarked on a journey to the United States, and through unwavering effort, they carved out a small but flourishing donut shop business in the heart of Los Angeles.

One of the cherished memories of May's childhood was the weekly trips to Costco with her mother. They picked up a trolley full of ingredients and supplies for their beloved donut shop.

"Costco truly holds such a special place in my heart and my childhood. My weekly shopping trip with my mum is etched into my memory and I will always associate it with the success of their business. To now showcase my marshmallows in Costco nationally and hopefully globally one day, is a pinch me moment,” says May.

Having Costco as her first major retail store is a dream come true for May. It's a poignant full-circle moment that symbolises the remarkable progress she and her family have achieved. The place that once witnessed the humble beginnings of her parents' entrepreneurial aspirations is now proudly showcasing May's product.

May collaborated with the Costco team for several months to create a unique box of Cloud Theory favourites.

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