From market stall to main street with Fisher & Farmer

From market stall to main street with Fisher & Farmer

Fisher & Farmer is not just a homewares store, it's a lifelong dream brought to life for owner Melissa Corbett.

Mel always had the vision of opening her own business, and her background in public relations has been a valuable asset in making that dream come true.

Mel's deep connection to her community led her to realise that her small town of Ganmain in rural NSW, could greatly benefit from a local homewares store, reducing the need for residents to travel to larger towns.

Fisher & Farmer started as a humble market stall in 2016. Over the years, it has grown into a small bricks and mortar store to now occupying the large space of the old supermarket in the main street of Ganmain.

Not only does Fisher & Farmer provide residents with homewares, gifts, and even a coffee shop, but it also attracts visitors and tourists to the town, boosting Ganmain's economy and putting it on the map.

Mel is here for the long run, committed to the success and growth of her business and community.

In this episode, recorded in the outdoor area of Fisher & Farmer, Mel shares the challenges of running a retail store, the importance of thinking outside the box, why her team is her greatest asset, and her future plans for Fisher & Farmer.

This episode is part of our special rural NSW podcast van tour. It was an absolute delight to meet these women in person and explore the place they live, work and drive change.

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