From The Paint Shed with Kate Marshall

From The Paint Shed with Kate Marshall


Kate Marshall took seven weeks leave from her job as a kindergarten teacher to homeschool her three children during the first lockdown. What she didn’t expect was to rediscover her love of painting and successfully launch her business From The Paint Shed.

Leading up to this point, Kate was experiencing a stressful time at work; feeling overwhelmed, overworked and undervalued. The short hiatus gave her that much needed time to pause, reflect, and paint.

Kate has since launched a website, grown her social media presence and had her work represented in local homewares stores. She has generated enough interest in her artwork to reduce her days in the classroom to three a week and dedicate two days to her business.

Kate shares with us her business journey, the importance of showing up authentically on social media, the success in sticking to a content plan and setting goals, the positive impact her creative passion is having on herself and her family, and so much more.

Meet my friend Kate From The Paint Shed.

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