Historic church reimagined into boutique accomodation

Historic church reimagined into boutique accomodation

In a quaint township named Coolamon, a name derived from the Wiradjuri language and their word meaning water basin or water dish, is an Ark; The Ark Coolamon. A luxury boutique accommodation situated in a restored historic church.

Owners Merrin and Philip had a lightbulb moment in late 2019 to give the Old Methodist church a different purpose.

Over the years, the church has served various purposes, including being leased as a dance studio, hosting niche music concerts, private dinners and small weddings. The couple eventually decided to restore and convert the space into boutique accommodation. This decision coincided with retirement from their secondary teaching careers.

The two year project gave Merrin and Philip the opportunity to utilise their skill sets in research, networking and collaboration; Merrin’s passion for gardening, interior styling, preserving seasonal produce; and their combined love for hospitality, sharing stories and focus on wellbeing.

In this episode, recorded in the 95 year old church with its cathedral ceilings, Merrin shares her love for old buildings and the challenge of adapting them, the luxury of now having time and flexibility to pursue her creativity, the establishment of a women in business network in her region and more.

Meet my friend and custodian of The Ark Coolamon, Merrin Glasgow.

This episode is part of our special rural NSW podcast van tour. It was an absolute delight to meet these women in person and explore the place they live, work and drive change.


[00:01:20] Love for textiles and craftsmanship.

[00:06:14] An incredible building.

[00:09:05] Living in a church.

[00:14:23] A visionary builder

[00:19:35] The feel of the sheets.

[00:23:37] A rower's history.

[00:27:19] A versatile creative space.

[00:32:28] Living my best life.

[00:37:19] Women in business network.

[00:40:08] Social media and business support.

[00:44:11] Church as a community.

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