Living in oneness

Living in oneness


Indigenous business woman Annabelle Sharman is supporting and empowering women to live in oneness.

Annabelle is a proud Mutti Mutti woman who honours her ancestral cultural heritage, knowledge and wisdom. She is an intuitive healer, reiki master and teacher, certified holistic counsellor, qualified social worker and passionate humanitarian with a dreaming to heal Australia.

She opened A. Sharman HOPE Healing in Robinvale in July 2017. Her business philosophy is Yumila Kiyaka which means ‘Be One’ with self, spirit and Mother Earth, in Mutti Mutti language. Annabelle focuses on empowering individuals to live in their unique oneness and their own sacred spaces.

“I know that I’m living my unique oneness when I’m breathing with my soul and I’m in tune with the stars, moon and the wind,” she says.

“I know I’m grounded when Mother (Earth) is flowing through me. With every footstep I take, I feel a deep appreciation of nature and the simplicity of being.”

Annabelle’s connection to Mother Earth is a way of life. Her vision is to walk alongside people on their journey to oneness; to support and inspire people to own their own dreaming.

In 2018, Annabelle launched her Oneness Retreat and Bush Camp Program which “inspires you to just be, and embrace the stillness and breathe”.

“As a healer, I’ve spent the past year or two working one-on-one in the healing room so transitioning into other sacred spaces working with groups is just as meaningful and profoundly healing.

"I believe it is important to connect people from all walks of life to a gathering and supportive sharing circle on the river bank, maybe enjoy a meal and be part of the same conversation.

“There is something that changes in that moment when they are sitting there – they’ve connected with their own spirit. There is no division, no separateness, no hatred, no racism, no us and them. It’s just us. It’s oneness.

“The oneness retreat program will be a major focus of the way I can empower a healing.”

Annabelle is also about to re-launch the Five Sista’s Healing Studio, a sacred space for women to connect and receive healing support and guidance. This unique healing circle operates in small groups of five and meets each month.

“The studio ensures participants are empowered and heard, feel safe and supported, and can connect with complementary and holistic healing therapies that are accessible and affordable for all.

“The group setting connects women, helps to reduce social isolation, supports their health journeys, establishes friendships and builds a healthy community.”

Annabelle supports the local Robinvale community through her businesses philosophy ‘pay it forward’.

“As a healer, I’ve had to be creative in ways to provide access to members of the community who financially may not have access.”

Annabelle invites women to make unique jewellery and gifts in exchange for a session. The natural earth craft items are available to purchase in the studio or at local markets with the profits going towards paying for other women who need support.

Annabelle hopes to host further oneness gatherings through retreats and her bush camp program.

“There will be lots of writing, developing and creating oneness, and sometime this year I will offer my completed training program.

“For me to own my dreaming and to maintain, integrate and transform all of this wonder, you may find me ‘just being’ along the Murray River somewhere.”


A. Sharman HOPE Healing is a space providing holistic therapy and services to promote wellness, healing and connection as well as Oneness Retreat and Bush Camp Program for all women.

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Living in Oneness was first published in Issue 3 – OAK Magazine

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