Meet Kirsty Nevinson from Maude & Maple

Meet Kirsty Nevinson from Maude & Maple

Maude & Maple is a boutique homewares, gifts and lifestyle store that proudly supports Australian brands, designers, artists and creators. Owner Kirsty Nevinson is soon to launch her own range of handcrafted jewellery.

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Tell us about your business and how it started?

Maude & Maple is a clothing and lifestyle boutique in Bendigo. Purveyor of carefully curated gifts, homewares, skincare, fashion and accessories from loved and trusted Australian brands, with a strong focus on natural ingredients and fibres, sustainability and ethically made or sourced goods.

Maude & Maple started soon after I had a Tarot reading in 2020 where it was revealed that I was about to embark on a new career. I was told that it would be a lot of hard work and that I should choose with love not fear.

Two weeks later I woke up and mentioned to my husband that I wanted to open my own store. He was both surprised and incredibly supportive. That day on my husband's way to work, he found a vacant store for lease and so the ball started rolling.

The name, Maude & Maple, are the two streets in Golden Square  - a suburb of Bendigo - where my husband and I went to school and first met.

Who or what inspires you and your creative process?

I draw my inspiration and creativity from other business woman who share the same vision and ethics when it comes to sustainability and design.

What do you love about your product/service?

I love the relationships that my business allows me to build with my customers and suppliers; getting to know them and their stories is very fulfilling. I also love hand picking all the beautiful items and brands that I stock.

Socialising and shopping are two of my favourite things so to be able to combine them is an absolute dream come true.

What does success mean to you?

As a child I thought that success could only be measured by someone's financial position and that wealth or being rich meant that you had an abundant supply of money. Success to me as an adult is having the courage to live out your dreams, to do the things that you love, and find fulfilment and happiness in what you do.

What is your next big challenge/project?

My next big project will be launching my jewellery business. Some of my pieces are currently available at Maude & Maple and I hope to extend my range of handcrafted jewellery to an online store and potentially wholesale my wares to other boutiques. I look forward to enrolling in more workshops to extend my skills in jewellery making.

How can women support other women?

I think women can support other women by lifting them up, admiring their strengths and giving credit where credit is due. By embracing our differences and understanding that we are all amazing in our own ways.


Maude & Maple is located at 74 Mitchell Street, Bendigo. 

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