Meet OAK stockist ~ The Corner Nook

Meet OAK stockist ~ The Corner Nook

Meet OAK Magazine stockist Jacqui Anderson from The Corner Nook.

The Corner Nook is a little country treasure trove in Nagambie, Victoria. A space where you can explore the endless treasures that line the shelves, whilst listening to easy tunes that'll make you want to sing along.

Wander the streets of Nagambie and pop into The Corner Nook next time you're exploring this little country town. 

Tell us about your business and how it started?

Having sold our business, Nagambie Bakery, after 20 years of trade, I had no plan, no formal training and no idea what I was going to do. I said to my husband, ‘If I can get that shop ( 338 High Street), I will open a small gift shop and see how it goes". Three years on, I am still here.

What is your business personality – and who is your customer?

My business personality is split; it ranges from calm and peaceful to busy and loud.
Because my building is quite small, the vibe can change quite quickly based on the customers inside.

My customers are intrigued, my beautiful little building is drawing them in and I think my interesting and unique pieces are bringing them back.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of owning your own business?

The feedback and the compliments. So much of you goes into the space you create and when that space is appreciated by random strangers or when customers are coming back because they know you’ll have what they need, it warms the heart.

Who are your business besties?

The first would be like-minded small business owners that are on the same page. I love to bounce off other small businesses that are experiencing the same ups and downs, I love that sense of team, like we’re all in it together, striving for the same end goal, regardless of the industry.

My second business bestie is definitely my social media/web designer ( aka little sister ). She is my everything; she is my designer, social media manager, confidant and definitely a sound board for every idea and thought that goes through my head, and there’s a lot.

What three business tools can you not live without?

Social media, Square POS, Biggsy (my postie)

Tell us something exciting that you have planned for your business in the next 12 months?

The last three years has taught me not to plan, I don’t expect or assume anything, I take what I get and I’m grateful.

So my plan for the future if I had to have one is to simply remain open, just to push through and to be there.

Daily routines and everyday store life

What routine or ritual helps to get your day started?

I actually love what I do. Every morning, I have a spring in my step, everyday is a new day. I never know what the day will bring, who I will see or what the day will bring but I love it.

I have a little Cavoodle named Ted who comes to work with me everyday and is probably another reason some of my customers continue to visit but it works.

… and coffee.

What music will we find on your store's playlist?

I have slowly put together my own Spotify playlist that consists of 21 hours of acoustic remixes, classic ballads and a some good time oldies, my customers love it.

What labels do you stock and how do you choose them?

I source a range of brands, some handmade and some more household brands. I try to listen to what my customers are interested in but also stay true to my own personal tastes which I believe is what makes The Corner Nook the unique little store that it is. 

Around town

What is special about where you live?

Nagambie is a gorgeous little lakeside town that is situated 1.5 hours north of Melbourne, Victoria. We are far enough for a getaway and close enough for a day trip. The people in Nagambie are so supportive and the sense of community and strong. We love and welcome visitors and tourists and understand they are a massive part of our growing town.

What other places are a must visit in your town?

Next Door Cafe, 1860 restaurant, The Botanic House.

Where can we get the best coffee nearby?

My coffee go to is definitely a little cafe called ‘Next Door’.



The Corner Nook is a little country treasure trove located at 338 High Street
Nagambie, Victoria.

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