Meet Sarah Henney from HenneyCFO

Meet Sarah Henney from HenneyCFO

Tell us about your business and how it started?

Born from a calling to help small business with their bookkeeping, finance, understand HOW to start and run a business I left the corporate banking world after my second baby. I just really wanted to do something I was passionate about not "just work for the man" in the 9-5.

What is your biggest achievement in business?

Launching my online course Bookkeeping for Profit as well as helping so many women in business understand their financials, feel confident, know their numbers, make bookkeeping easier, know their budgets and cashflow and take away some of the pressure of running a business.

What do you wish you knew before you started your business?

I wish I had of known who I wanted to work with, who my ideal client was and how to say 'no' to everyone. Very quickly, I found myself overwhelmed and swamped with work that didn't light me up.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of owning your own business?

Connecting with so many small business owners across Australia, making friends and genuinely helping people feel confident and able to do business. Helping people open their dream shop, their online business, win a client is truely so rewarding.

What is your next big challenge/project?

Continue to grow my Bookkeeping for Profit course. We are also running a rural women's event in Longreach in October, and I'd also love to run a series of online workshops to continue to help women in rural/regional/remote areas access support and be able to go into business or grow their business with this support.

What do you love about your product/service?

I love when people attend a workshop/webinar and tell me, "You've saved my life!". I always laugh; I am not a doctor! But I do know that finance can be genuinely hard so for some just having the support education and confidence can be a game changer.

What does success mean to you?

Being able to work less and earn more - crazy right!

In moments of self doubt, how do you build yourself back up?

Talk to someone I work with. I have a marketing friend who is always my go-to, she gets it. I have a business coach who gives me new goals, new ideas and different perspectives. It is hard. Being a business owner is a roller coaster of emotions.

What is the best piece of business advice you were given?

You can have it all but you cant have it all at once.... be patient.

Who are your biggest cheerleaders?

Business coach and biz buddies (mostly who I have met on Instagram). I think it's sometimes hard for family to fully understand what we are up to in business so we need to rely on our cheerleaders who get it!

How can women support other women?

Be yourself, be passionate, don't be afraid to connect with someone. Collaboration over competition. There is plenty of work for all. So don't be afraid to collab.

Something you might not know about me...

I was terrified about starting my business. Twelve months ago, I couldn't even press POST on social media. But thank God I did. I LOVE what I do and with the right support and team behind you - the world is your oyster! 


Sarah Henney is empowering women to make confident financial decisions with her new flagship program Bookkeeping for Profit. This unique online bookkeeping and business course includes weekly support and access to a community of like minded business women from rural and regional areas.

Learn how to make your business finance and bookkeeping fun, simple and work for you. Sign up for Sarah's Know Your Numbers masterclass.

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