Mother-Daughter Businesses ~ The Handmade & Co

Mother-Daughter Businesses ~ The Handmade & Co

For many women, their greatest fan and loudest cheerleader is their mum. In this special Mother's Day series, we meet mother/daughter teams who have turned an intimate personal relationship into a successful business partnership.

Mother-daughter team: Raelea, 60, and Ashlea, 24
Business: The Handmade & Co
Founded: March 2022
Location: Roma, Queensland

Photography by Trina Ayers Photography 

Tell us about your business and how it started?

ASH: The Handmade & Co has been an idea and passion of mine for a long time. I already run a small business - Billy Buttons dried florals - with my friend Chloe, and I know how hard it is to get a start and get your product out there at a cost effective rate. I figured there would be many other people who would have the same issue. And so, we founded The Handmade & Co. 

The Handmade & Co is so much more than a store, it’s a space for small businesses and rural women and men to be appreciated, valued and heard with no judgement.

We stock handmade items of up to 50 suppliers as well as being a space for rural creators to hold events and workshops.

We are a community of women who support and help each other while celebrating our love for small business and passion for rural Queensland.

I'm only 24 years old but I have a strong passion for business. I'm grateful that I get to share this amazing journey with my Mum.

What has surprised you about working together?

ASH: Communication. We are so open and honest with each other and we can talk about our problems; no judgement between each other and we can be as open as we want. Recently I had some mental health troubles and opened up to Mum - she took over the shop for a couple of weeks. Mum is my biggest support and helper, she also tells me when I’m being unreasonable and unrealistic and snaps me back to reality.

Describe your individual roles in the business?

ASH: Mum is the shop assistant, accountant and logical thinker. I'm the creator, business manager and idealist.

Has working together changed your relationship?

ASH: Yes, we have learnt to communicate better and appreciate each other more.

How would you sum up the experience of working together?

ASH: Challenging but rewarding.

What is it like working with your daughter?

RAELEA: I love it but at times it can be hard as I don’t know how to do a lot online things and we clash heads.

What is it like working with your mum?

ASH: It can be frustrating at times but I bite my tongue and remember it’s harder for her to understand as her generation hasn't grown up with social media.

What is your Mother's Day message to your mum?

ASH: I’m so beyond thankful you came on this journey with me. Dad would be proud of us and you do an amazing job, even if you think you don’t do much. I appreciate you.

What do you have planned for your business in the next 12 months?

ASH: We’re starting a podcast which will give people an insight into small business life with tips and tricks of the trade. We plan to interview small business owners and the people behind the scenes who provide us with guidance and help.


The Handmade & Co are a small rural business who showcase rural talent, celebrate small business and also function as an event space for small business workshops. The Handmade & Co is located at Shop 1, 56 Wyndham Street, Roma, Queensland.

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The Handmade & Co are member of our OAK Directory.
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