Mother-Daughter Businesses ~ Two Twisted Tarts

Mother-Daughter Businesses ~ Two Twisted Tarts

For many women, their greatest fan and loudest cheerleader is their mum. In this special Mother's Day series, we meet mother/daughter teams who have turned an intimate personal relationship into a successful business partnership.

Mother-daughter team: Joanne, 53, and Kaela, 32
Business: Two Twisted Tarts
Founded: March 2018
Location: Bendigo, Victoria

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Tell us about your business and how it started?

KAELA: Two Twisted Tarts started out of a simple idea to bring more variety of sweet treats to the community at night. 

I was studying Certificate III in Patisserie, driving from Bendigo to Ballarat twice a week for night school while raising a young family. On one of those many trips, I had this idea to open a dessert truck at night because at the time the only takeaway dessert options available at night was a sundae from McDonalds or Domino's lava cakes. I thought surely there were people out there with a sweet tooth like mine.

Mum has always been supportive of my ideas. After months of procrastination, she said 'Let's just do it. I'll purchase the van and you fill it'. And so Two Twisted Tarts was born.

What has surprised you about working together?

KAELA: We work well together; we barely argue and when one of us is stressing the other is calm. A lot of our ideas are the same and if not, we try to incorporate both our ideas into the business.

Describe your individual roles in the business?

KAELA: It is very much an equal partnership now. I do more of the admin and look after our social media accounts whereas Mum deals with banks and paperwork.

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How would you sum up the experience of working together?

KAELA: I'm very lucky to be able to get to work, be excited and share creative ideas with my Mum daily.

What is it like working with your daughter?

JOANNE: I like that we can learn from each other and I get to pass down knowledge from myself and my own mother. We work well together and often have the same or very similar ideas for the future plans of our business, and I get to see my daughter a lot more.

What is it like working with your mum?

KAELA: It can be challenging; because it's Mum, I can tend to let my guard down and she sees all sides of me good and bad, but it's also great as I think this is what helps us be honest with ideas and creativity.

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Your advice to other mother-daughter teams?

KAELA: Switch off from shop talk some days. Make sure you have a strong relationship before you enter into a partnership. Overall, it's fun and comfortable.

What is your Mother's Day message to your mum?

KAELA: To Mum, I can not thank you enough for believing in my dreams. Without you our business would never be where it is today. Thank you for trusting in me - I couldn't imagine working with anyone else. Thank you in business and in family ❤️

What do you have planned for your business in the next 12 months?

KAELA: We will be opening our new kitchen and shop front within the new financial year, allowing us to expand and create on ideas we haven't been able to in our van and home kitchen. 


With the stunning background of Lake Weeroona in Bendigo, you will find Two Twisted Tarts dessert van serving up sweet treats every Friday and Saturday night. This family owned and operated business specialises in quality handmade desserts including cheesecake, cake, mousse, brownies, cookies and more. Founders Joanne and Kaela provide an ever changing menu and are available for catering and special event boxes.

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Two Twisted Tarts are a member of our OAK Directory.
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