New weekly wrap up podcast for regional women

New weekly wrap up podcast for regional women

Welcome to She Makes News, your weekly news podcast for women in rural and regional Australia. I'm your host Kimberley Furness, and I’ll bring you a wrap up of the latest stories and local events that matter to you. 

Every Friday, we will dive into our curated headlines, have thought-provoking discussions, and bring you exclusive interviews with rural business women, community leaders and experts. 

Before we settle in, let me share some eye-opening stats. Did you know, only 27% of voices on the radio are women? And a study in 2023, revealed that 72% of Australian women are avoiding mainstream news, seeking more positive and relevant content.

Right there are two very convincing reasons to launch She Makes News as part of OAK Magazine’s award winning community ecosystem of print, digital and audio that is dedicated to sharing stories and amplifying voices of female change makers and women in business in regional and rural Australia..

OAK is on a mission to bridge the representation gap in media. We're not just telling stories; we're shaping narratives that matter, amplifying voices that resonate, and facilitating courageous conversations3             

You can be part of the conversation,  be part of the change. 

  • What national or local news story caught your attention this week?
  • What are your thoughts on a recent news event?
  • Is there any noteworthy happenings in your area?
  • Share your weather-related challenges
  • Tell us about a local hero
  • Have you opened a new business?
  • Have you launched a book or podcast?
  • Do you have an upcoming event?

We want to know what’s happening in your region.

To share the details, get in contact via email

Or the easiest way to grab our attention is to add #shemakesnews to the end of your Instagram caption.

The demand for the type of news our OAK community want covered, is not going to be possible with just me at the helm. I have a list of very talented radio broadcasters from regional and rural Australia that I would love to engage. 

Whether it's a 15 second ad or show sponsorship, whatever you invest, it will not only help market your brand to a community who 100% trust OAK recommendations, but you're supporting women. It will go towards paying women to produce quality news content. I think it would be incredible to have your brand associated with that.

If you are interested in being a part of She Makes News, get in touch via

Now, let’s hit the headlines!

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