Retail road trip - The Conron Store, Grenfell

Retail road trip - The Conron Store, Grenfell


The Conron Store in Grenfell is putting the NSW town on the map as a go-to destination for wow-factor retail experiences. Exclusive clothing and lifestyle brands, a grand aesthetic, and unrivalled customer service are changing perception of what rural communities can offer.

OAK spoke with business owner Rachel Conron for our special feature on Central West NSW in Issue 13.


What will people find at The Conron Store?

Most people who walk into our bricks and mortar store are surprised or even shocked when they step into a curated space that rivals metropolitan flagship stores.

We offer something for every member of the family, from kids’ gifts through to beautiful bespoke belts and handbags, and everyone’s favourite jeans and boots. Our shopping experience and engaging service lifts everyone’s spirits. And that magic translates for online customers too.

Our apparel brands include Ariat, Thomas Cook, Kimes Ranch Jeans, Sorority, Ivy and Gus, FXD. We also stock a range of lifestyle brands such as Barebones, Engel, Stanley, Ooni Pizza Ovens and quality products to make your life outdoors fabulous.

What’s your business background?

In 2016 we opened a manufacturing business, Conron Stockcrete, and now employ 16 staff.

As we moved Conron Stockcrete from the farm to a brand-new, purpose-built manufacturing facility in the industrial area of Grenfell, we decided to branch out. The Conron Store opened in April 2023 and has its own home on the same site.

We never set out to invest in retail specifically, but our family travels around a lot, and we love discovering those places where there’s something for everyone.

We’re also passionate about creating opportunities in rural communities. That means prospects for business and other local entrepreneurs, and for local young people to have a progressive career in their own community.

How is The Conron Store putting Grenfell on the map?

Rural people are smart, resourceful and resilient. These are exactly the characteristics needed to run a successful business that can tap into a huge market beyond loyal locals.

Our store is primarily a destination shopping experience, with people in a two hour radius travelling to visit. It’s a destination store absolutely worth the drive.

While you’re here, there’s great silo art, as well as boutique homewares and clothing stores.

How do you build and measure success?

Business is 20 per cent strategy and 80 per cent mindset. You need to be willing to back yourself. Knowing that you will always find a solution is the key to surviving and thriving. If you take the leap, the rest will appear.

It’s also about learning to roll with the challenges rather than letting them knock you over. The personal growth required to reach this level has been immense and it meant stepping right outside the comfort zone.

The most important and often overlooked investment would be personal development. In the early days we had business coaching, which was the difference between make or break. More recently, we invested in high-performance results coaching.

Success is being in a really great place mindset-wise. Actually enjoying every moment, even the crappy ones. That’s where freedom and peace of mind comes in. You have to get away from scarcity thinking and embrace abundance.

And a highlight for me is bringing together an incredible team of people who are fabulous to work with, and witnessing the growth of something you create from scratch into a renowned brand and business.


The Conron Store, 13 Berrys Road, Grenfell, NSW

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