Rosehaven Farms ~ The Grampians

Rosehaven Farms ~ The Grampians

Sustainable farming at its cosy, honey-coated best

From honey to animal husbandry, Pam and David Pratt have turned an escape from the city into a sustainable dream come true.

When the couple arrived in Horsham in 2012, they knew two things: David loved his bees and Pam couldn’t get enough of spinning yarn.

"That’s why we started our life in the country with two beehives and three alpacas," says Pam.
Pam and David's farm in Laharum, in the beautiful Grampians region, has plenty of space for their animals and a shop too.

If you love local, handmade products, you'll love Rosehaven Farms who make everything at the farm including honey, furniture polish, cutting board conditioner, soaps and lotions, and beeswax wraps.

Photography by Jumpin' Jac Flash


Visit Rosehaven Farms at 989 Wonwondah-Dadswells Bridge Road, Laharum. Bookings essential.

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