Rural Women's Day - Cohuna Soap Stars with Windella Farm

Rural Women's Day - Cohuna Soap Stars with Windella Farm

Happy International Rural Women’s Day

With COVID restricting so many events and further isolating rural communities, International Rural Women’s Day is an important date for us to take a moment to celebrate and shine a light on the success of rural women.

In celebration of Rural Women's Day, OAK Magazine would like to introduce you to some special rural friends from rural Victoria, NSW and Queensland.

Through these conversations, I hope that women living in rural areas see and hear themselves in these stories, and others recognise how incredibly hardworking, innovative and resilient women living in rural Australia are.

Let me introduce you to a rural friend of mine.

Sarah Mostyn from Windella Farm

If there was a utopia for goats, Sarah Mostyn's Windella Farm would be pretty close to it.

Windella Farm is a boutique goat dairy and Australian eco skincare business located in Cohuna, Victoria.

The business was born during a journey from the city to the country; a long weekend that turned into a permanent tree change for two crazy Gold Coaster's who introduced dairy goats into a traditional dairy region.

Sarah, and her husband Shayne, have nurtured an extensive range of soap and body products that is founded on the philosophy that 'natural is best'.

Sarah shares with us her love of rural communities, the challenges of COVID, how to leverage your market presence, and her plans to work with new ingredients and other brands.

Meet my friend Sarah from Windella Farm.

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