Rural Women's Day - Town with a pulse with Rupanyup Living

Rural Women's Day - Town with a pulse with Rupanyup Living

Happy International Rural Women’s Day

With COVID restricting so many events and further isolating rural communities, International Rural Women’s Day is an important date for us to take a moment to celebrate and shine a light on the success of rural women.

In celebration of Rural Women's Day, OAK Magazine would like to introduce you to some special rural friends from rural Victoria, NSW and Queensland.

Through these conversations, I hope that women living in rural areas see and hear themselves in these stories, and others recognise how incredibly hardworking, innovative and resilient women living in rural Australia are.

Let me introduce you to a rural friend of mine.

Claire Morgan from Rupanyup Living

Mother of three, farmer and business woman Claire Morgan is making her mark on Rupanyup. She’s giving people more reasons to visit the country town located on the great Silo Art Trail.

In a town with a population of less than 400 people, Claire started the business, 10 years ago now, to give back to the community and create a place where locals could come together.

Rupanyup Living is filled with a beautiful collection of homewares, clothing, accessories and local produce. You can also taste the flavour of Rupanyup thanks to the creation of Claire’s delicious brownies using local chickpea flour.

In this episode, Claire talks about giving back to her community, how she navigated COVID without footsteps through the shop door, connecting with her community through Instagram, collaborating with Robert Gordon Pottery and her big plans for 2022.

Meet my friend Claire from Rupanyup Living. 

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