The perfect blend of business with Tea Associates

The perfect blend of business with Tea Associates

It's never too late to start a small business no matter what your age is. Just ask Kerry McCuskey who launched her first business at 63 years of age.

After a lifetime of working in corporate, Kerry retired last year and, with her family's encouragement, she chose to pursue her passion for creating a beautiful blend of tea.

Kerry went on to successfully launch Tea Associates in June 2020.

"It was probably a little bit silly to start a business during COVID but I was in the right head space to do it and was really focussed on what I needed to do," says Kerry.

Kerry has been obsessed with tea from a young age, so every part of the Tea Associates journey has been carefully considered.

The products are lovingly blended in Bendigo using her own recipes. The packaging is re-usable, re-fillable and biodegradable. She also invested in branding right from the get go engaging a creative agency for her logo and website, and a professional photographer.

Kerry shares with us her transition from corporate to business owner, why it was so important to launch with a professional-looking brand vs DIY, ways she is collaborating with local creatives, tips on how to approach potential stockists and more.

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