The secret to professional looking DIY design with Easil

The secret to professional looking DIY design with Easil

With over 20 years of graphic design experience, Annette McDonald has created the ultimate secret weapon for professional looking DIY design.

What began as an internal tool to take the cost and stress out of creating promotional material for hospitality clients has turned into a tech company that is often compared to one of the most successful start-up unicorns in history (aka Canva). 

After successfully using the software in her design agency, Annette introduced Team Easil to the public in 2016.

The online graphic design and publishing tool allows you to create everything from business cards to flyers to all your social media graphics all whilst maintaining brand consistency.

Annette shares with us her story of launching a tech company, why comparison can be the thief of joy as well as some graphic design tips to help you project a bigger brand.

Meet my friend Annette from Easil.

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