The sweet success of Bendigo Brittle with Greta Donaldson

The sweet success of Bendigo Brittle with Greta Donaldson

A desire for a change in pace and a life-long love of her grandmother’s cooking led burnt-out Melbourne PR executive Greta Donaldson to a new life, and a new business - Bendigo Brittle.

Greta was inspired to establish the business after whipping up a batch of peanut brittle for a family Christmas gathering. The brittle was a huge hit and she began to consider options for sale.

Bendigo Brittle has now established a strong following as Greta, and a small team of employees, offer her sweet treats from an uber cool confectionery cart at markets around Victoria as well as being in talks with supplying her brittle to a national airline.

Greta shares with us the fast-paced life of PR, how she “knocks the socks off” potential stockists, why she waited to launch a website, the importance of networking and how her world ground to a halt after losing her little sister Peta to ovarian cancer.

PLUS Greta shares with us an exclusive announcement in regards to a new Bendigo Brittle product.

Also mentioned in this episode - Mia Freeman, Gorgi Coghlan, Mardi Featherston, Bendigo Tourism, Business Victoria, Studio Von, Sonya Anthony from Masons Bendigo, and Sarah from Windella Farm.

This episode was recorded in OAK Magazine’s mobile podcast recording van.

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