Through the lens with photographer Honey Atkinson

Through the lens with photographer Honey Atkinson


In over 20 years as a professional photographer, Honey Atkinson has heard every reason why women hate themselves and don’t want their picture taken. With her online phone photography course, she’s sharing skills and ideas so they can show up as their best self(ie).

It’s all Honey ever wanted to do, and she’s still doing it – photographer, videographer and educator.

“I love telling stories. I like turning up to a business or area I know nothing about and learning about someone completely new. On a broader scale, my purpose is to document what is beautiful about the world, share it with others and find and capture the ‘essence’ of someone,” says Honey.

A distorted notion of beauty unfortunately keeps many women unwilling to share their essence on camera.

“Yet showing up in your own story is so important, being present and documenting a moment in time which carries so much significance later on.”

In the first half of business life, Honey had staff and a commercial space (and a lot more pressure).

She’d photograph families each year, and each year mums would opt out, erasing themselves from the family history.

After moving to Bega Valley, Honey moved into brand photography and video for down-to-earth women and female-led brands with a rural presence.

She still encounters that camera-shy reluctance.

“But I’m good at capturing people’s warmth, the spark that makes them shine. I do this in stills and video; the two complement each other well and tell more of a story.

“I help share what is special about the product or service people offer. I convey their care, love and a deep desire to help others. And a lot of the clients I shoot I’d buy from, hire myself. I believe in the people I work for.”

Honey is keen on the idea of phone photography to capture the little moments, including her own family’s home life.

The multi-generational family has built a solar-passive house, and has a huge veggie garden and fruit trees. Each plays a role.

Honey’s mum is the main gardener. Honey does most of the cooking and preserving, and her partner does the infrastructure stuff with the tractors, fences and garden prep. With all of this busyness she often does not have time to whip out the good; camera, even as a professional photographer.

Honey loves teaching other small business owners how much can be achieved with phone cameras and natural light.

“When you take a picture in a hurry or without knowing how to use light, they’re not going to be the best shots. Then that reinforces the inner critic that says, ‘I’m ugly’ or ‘I’m shit’. But with practice and pro tips you can get it right. Maybe then you’ll see the natural beauty in yourself that others see.

“My Mum said when I was young, 'Find something you love doing'. I 100 per cent believe it’s her attitude that allowed me the freedom to believe I could when people told me photography wasn’t a proper career. I never stop learning or buying gear. It’s like I’ve unknowingly unravelled a wool that just keeps going.

“My advice to others is find something you love, stick with it, show some grit and keep evolving. And if you’re in business that means showing up in images, as your true self.”


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