Top 3 Social Media Posts for 2023

OAK has cultivated a supportive and engaged online community of rural and regional women in business.  

Our founder + editor Kimberley Furness is a journalist and experienced social media trainer. This ensures our content is always quality over quantity and that we leverage all the tools to extend our brand reach.

In general, a piece of content will perform differently on Instagram vs Facebook. We optimise each post specifically for that platform ie no hashtags on Facebook, we re-link accounts on Facebook, there is no 'link in bio' on a Facebook post, our images are differently sized for Facebook.   

For a long time, we've been told not to create a post that is a direct link out from Facebook. However two of our top posts were exactly this - very News Media style. 

Our Facebook top three is based on Organic Reach not Reactions which is interesting given Henty Podcast - Day 2 had only 21 Reactions - there were so many other posts that had more Likes, Comments and Shares. 

How do you measure the success of a Post?

Overall, we posted 110 times on Facebook with an Organic Reach of 163K which was up 350% on the previous year, and on Instagram our Organic Reach was down 20%, but we had 124 posts and 500 Stories with 8.3K Reactions which was up 100% on the previous year.

This is our top three posts on Instagram and Facebook based on Organic Reach.


Dunmore Farm

Extract from an Issue 12 article republished on our website. A gallery of images showcasing the incredible farmhouse. 872 Likes. 112 Shares


Jess Keeli

Our exclusive interview with the Bendigo Business Excellence Award winner. Jess is a member of Club OAK. The article is a perk of her membership.



Nikki Davey

An extract from our article congratulating Nikki Davey being named the 2023 AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award National Winner. 65% of accounts reached were non-followers. 




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