Top three podcast episodes for 2023

On A Friend of Mine podcast, we have in-depth chats and courageous conversations with women in business from regional and rural Australia.

The majority of our downloads come from Apple. However, Spotify released it's first Wrapped for Podcasters! So many cool stats.

For example, Em's episode was streamed 498% more than our average episode. Em has a huge audience and knows how to leverage PR and social media mentions.

Although it's not in our top three, a huge percentage of our new Spotify listeners discovered the podcast via the episode with Maggie Deall from The Little Yellow House Gallery & Studio.

We went global - streamed in 10 countries. The most new listens came from New Zealand where we ranked #4 on the Apple Podcast Charts for Entrepreneurship.

Fiona doesn't have a huge online community however her topic on neurodivergent families is both niche and part of the current news cycle. We leaned into our keywords for the promotion of this episode.

We see the bulk of our listens per episode during release week and a steady growth rate each month. Now Mel's episode is relatively new compared to Em and Fiona. However, it ranked it the top three! This is a great example of the promotion efforts from Mel. She posted about her episode before, during and after release, promoted the episode in an email to her database, as well well as creating some sharable images of herself wearing a branded A Friend of Mine sweater, and reading a copy of OAK in her store.

This is our top three podcast episodes in 2023 based on Downloads via our podcast hosting platform


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