More Than Love Wedding Magazine


Say hello to our very first issue of More Than Love magazine. You could say this launch issue is our print version of a micro wedding - it’s small, intimate and has those wow moments.

More Than Love is 27 pages filled with romance, and featuring weddings, vendors and inspiration from regional and rural Australia.

[Did you know... our first issue of OAK was a similar size almost four years ago to the day. It's meant to be!]

This is a flip cover with OAK Magazine Issue 10. There is a beautiful synergy between the content for example, there are hat makers, photographers and florists all featured in OAK. You get twice the love over 100 pages!

More Than Love is a great place to start when planning a wedding or to enjoy a good love story.

Our wedding industry have had a tough time, so let's support them by purchasing a copy and then sharing their creative talent to the world.

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